Monday, November 30, 2009

SOHI 1st Blog

What an exciting time it is for our ministry. We are on our way to our best year yet, and many more to come. We have launched our new website in which you will be able to find out the latest news and keep up with what we are planning for the future of SOHI. We will not only have the ability to interact with one another through these blog sections but you will also have the opportunity to give your donation on our website as well. I hope to be able to communicate effectively and pray for your every need through this section of our website.

It has never been my desire to be the biggest, badest, or the best. It’s simply been the ministries dream to be what God has called us to be in his eyes. God requires excellence and stewardship and it is this that we strive for. Everything that you and I need for life has been deposited on the inside of us. God has equipped us for every battle, victory, and situation that we will have to face in our lifetime. I encourage you to confront life with an attitude of readiness and confidence that God has designed you to live a life of success. Your destiny is one of bountiful blessings and not one of disastrous defeat.

Write me back and let me know of some of the great victories that God has enabled you to receive in life. Testify of his wondrous woks and miracles that you have experienced. Take some time today and brag on Jesus, he is deserving of our highest praise. Hope to hear from you soon, and a new blog will be posted monthly.


BJ Quintanilla

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