Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Favorite Gift

My favorite gift this year wasn’t the most expensive gift under the Christmas tree. There was no glamor to this gift and for some, this gift might have been one that could be thrown away. Although this gift was a re-gift given to me it isn’t a gift that you or I would like to re-re-gift for someone else. If you haven’t guessed by now, my favorite gift this year was a ROCK. No ladies, I don’t mean a diamond.

It was a real rock that was given to me by my 8 year old nephew. This rock means a whole lot to him. His grandfather passed away during the holidays and before his grandfather passed away he wanted to give him some gifts for Christmas. He presented his grandfather with a cup of gifts, and in that cup was the same rock he re-wrapped after his grandfather passed away and then gave me for Christmas.

My nephew Tyler gave me a rock and he gave it with all of his heart. He didn’t have enough money to go to the store and get me something but he gave me something that came from his heart. Many times we get so caught up in the monetary value of a gift and we forget all God asks of us is to give from the heart.

God was more pleased with the little old lady who only gave two mites with all her heart than he was with the rich men who gave a lot more from their huge bank accounts. (Luke 21:1-4) I want to encourage you to give this year, but don’t give the usual gift. Give a gift that comes from your heart, and if all you have to give is love, then love. Tyler didn’t only give me a rock, he gave me a rock full of love. The same love rock he gave his grandfather before he went to see Jesus. I think we can all learn a thing or two from Tyler. Thanks Tyler, and thank you Jesus for teaching us how to love.

Monday, November 30, 2009

His Favor

Let me begin by asking you one simple question, do you display Gods favor? Favor is one of Gods greatest attributes. Favor isn’t like a gift that we receive such as the gift of healing or prophecy but it is a part of or Christian DNA. I like to think of it as telling someone, o what beautiful eyes you have, or you have your mother’s nose. Therefore Gods favor is ingrained in our lives that cause people to be drawn to us. It was this same favor that caused me to be captivated by my wife’s beauty. Proverbs 18:22 tells us, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” I am convinced that Joanna and I were drawn to each other first and for most because of Gods favor in our lives.

I am happy to welcome Joanna to the SOHI family as we were joined in marriage on June 20th, 2009. God blessed and enabled us to have a wonderful wedding with all of our friends and family. I ask you to keep us in prayer as we know that the best days are ahead for us. My friend, let favor draw you today to everything that God may have for you. I kindly tell you in love, stop trying to force things to happen and let Gods favor make a way that only it can do. Give up your control and let God be in control. Until next time, God Bless you!

SOHI 1st Blog

What an exciting time it is for our ministry. We are on our way to our best year yet, and many more to come. We have launched our new website in which you will be able to find out the latest news and keep up with what we are planning for the future of SOHI. We will not only have the ability to interact with one another through these blog sections but you will also have the opportunity to give your donation on our website as well. I hope to be able to communicate effectively and pray for your every need through this section of our website.

It has never been my desire to be the biggest, badest, or the best. It’s simply been the ministries dream to be what God has called us to be in his eyes. God requires excellence and stewardship and it is this that we strive for. Everything that you and I need for life has been deposited on the inside of us. God has equipped us for every battle, victory, and situation that we will have to face in our lifetime. I encourage you to confront life with an attitude of readiness and confidence that God has designed you to live a life of success. Your destiny is one of bountiful blessings and not one of disastrous defeat.

Write me back and let me know of some of the great victories that God has enabled you to receive in life. Testify of his wondrous woks and miracles that you have experienced. Take some time today and brag on Jesus, he is deserving of our highest praise. Hope to hear from you soon, and a new blog will be posted monthly.


BJ Quintanilla